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One-Time Styrofoam Recycling Drive

Leonia Styrofoam Drive

Saturday, September 22 from 10am-3pm - Wood Park/Library Parking Lot
Got Styrofoam? Don't throw it out! Used Styrofoam ends up in a landfill and isn't biodegradable.

YES - Styrofoam packaging material

YES - Styrofoam peanuts

NO - Styrofoam food containers (garbage only)

Don't throw any Styrofoam into paper or commingled recycling collected by DPW. Styrofoam contaminates the recycling stream, downgrades our recycling rates, and costs Leonia money.

Learn more about styrofoam and why we should make Leonia styrofoam-free! >

Leonia Action Alliance General Meeting

General Meeting

Wednesday, October 3 at 8pm - Borough Hall Annex basement
Get Involved

LAA is a grassroots group in our own community, dedicated to progress, justice and human rights. Get involved with our environmental efforts, gun safety, and the upcoming midterm elections!