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Recycling Plastic Bags and Film

There are now collection boxes for recycling plastic bags at four locations in Leonia! While it’s best to use canvas bags instead of plastic, at least we can now recycle our plastic bags and film at the following places:

    Plastic Bag and Film Collection BoxBorough Hall - 312 Broad Avenue

    Leonia Library - 227 Fort Lee Road

    CVS - 400 Broad Avenue

    B&B Cafe - 354 Broad Avenue

    These boxes are monitored and emptied by volunteers! Interested in helping out? Email us!

These boxes collect all kinds of plastic bags and film, including: grocery bags, bread bags, plastic wrap, dry-cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, wood pellet bags, ziplock & other re-sealable bags, produce bags, and bubble wrap. You can download the poster below for a handy reminder.

The plastic will be sent to Trex, the eco-friendly decking company, to be used in the manufacture of their products. Kohl's in Paramus is accepting the plastic and sending it along to Trex. For every 800 lbs of plastic we send in, the Trex company will give the town a Trex bench!

Recycling Plastic Bags and Film in Leonia