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The Science of Styrofoam Workshop

The Science of Styrofoam Workshop

Three members of the Leonia Action Alliance - Christie Evens, James Meltzer and Julie Ulbrich - have developed a fantastic, hands-on workshop for kids about the health and environmental hazards of Styrofoam. Engaging storytelling with props, fishing with magnets in real water, scientific experiments, and audience participation in the discussion are some of the wonderful ways our presenters keep the kids engaged while they learn about the history, composition, and disposal of this ubiquitous material.

PowerPoint Slides
Part of the workshop includes a PowerPoint display called "The Problem with Styrofoam"
Download the PowerPoint file, or download the slides as a PDF.

Exhibit Cases
During the month of October 2017, the Leonia Library displayed information about Styrofoam in the exhibit cases outside of the children's room. The Leonia Action Alliance wrote and designed a set of informational graphics to spread the word about the health and environmental dangers of Styrofoam. This display was in place during the Science of Styrofoam workshop, giving visitors even more information about this dangerous substance that we're trying to eradicate from our town.

View/Download the materials from the library display cases: Part 1 & Part 2 (PDF)

Workshop Photos
See photos of the workshop given in October 2017 at the Leonia Library and of the supporting information in the nearby exhibit cases.