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What to Recycle in Leonia

Leonia recycles on alternating Wednesdays: one week it's commingled containers, the next it's mixed paper. To find out what's getting collected this week, visit the Borough of Leonia's calendar online.

"Commingled containers" means things like: plastic containers that are labeled with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7; glass bottles and jars; metal beverage cans and food tins; and clean aluminum foil (without food on it).

"Mixed Paper" means things like: paper & junk mail; newspapers & magazines, cardboard & flattened boxes; brown paper bags; clean pizza boxes (without food on them); plastic-coated milk containers.

Please empty and rinse all bottles, cans, and containers. Bits of food, oils and liquids can spoil a whole load of recycling!

For more information, including photos of what's recyclable:

Visit LeoniaRecycles.org, a searchable, comprehensive guide with instructions for how to recycle just about anything.


Leonia Recycles!